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In these turbulent times we need a strong anchor. This one-year devotional invites you to explore the anchoring wisdom of the Psalms, lovingly amplified through the insights of a spiritual giant, Charles Spurgeon. Written over a span of twenty years, his multi-volume commentary, The Treasury of David, is the basis for these daily meditations. Far from shallow sentimentalism, Spurgeon leads us into a greater understanding of the important biblical truths of the Christian faith. He also draws us deeper into the psalmists’ interior lives. Spurgeon’s own physical and emotional suffering heightened his awareness of the psalmists’ personal struggles, prayers, and ultimate dependence on the Father. Never pulling us to despair, Spurgeon rather lifts our eyes to see how God works in our world and through his people. Through these reflections on the Psalms, Spurgeon invites us into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ, an unswerving commitment to the church, an increasing love for a hurting world, and living for God’s glory. Start your days with this devotional guide and you will be oft-reminded that we may have weeping in the night, but joy comes in the morning.

The Psalms for Everyday Living: A Year of Devotions with Charles Spurgeon

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  • David McKinley

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